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Momin Raza

Full Stack Web & App Developer

November 1, 2000

Bareilly, UP INDIA 🇮🇳


About me

I'm Momin Raza, I'm a developer with a passion for learning new skills.

My first foray into programming was when I was in B-Tech First Year, wanting to build my own Websites and Android Apps.

Since then, I've made hundred of websites, apps and games.

What I'm doing

Web development

Able to create beautiful sites by using HTML . CSS . JS . PHP . React.js

App development

Able to create beautiful mobile apps by using Flutter . Kotlin . React Native

Game development

Able to create beautiful games by using Unity . C#

HTML Email development

Able to create HTML EMAILS quickly and effective

Responsive design

Able to create mobile responsive sites at a professional level

Strong support

Able to communicate ideas in a brief way